There’s a lot going on, but stick to the ones you love and show no ego. Sometimes temptations and ego can get you so wrong. Never brag about what you have in your possession. There are a lot of wishes from most witches; imagine many individuals calling your name in a dark bush at night wishing you all the bad, just because you’re doing well academically or you’re working somewhere?

Shui! Tshusuuuu wa shaaa! Ushaaa! Stop bragging, stop showing off. I personally advise you to stay low key because there are so many wicked hearts pointed your way, so many goat horns pointed your way. I, Thabiso Moalahi, advise you to keep calm and do your things smartly, but silently. A baby’s umbilical cord anointed with some muthi is pointing your way. Black child, pray and stop showing them what you got; God will automatically show them when the time is right. All in good time.


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