“Hlamalani, stop it. We can’t do this here,” protested Amukelani against her lover and manager.

She moved one step back and leaned against the table. He followed her, put his arms around her waist pulled her closer.

“I know you want to,” he insisted.

He started kissing her neck, ears and before she knew it she was kissing back.

She closed her eyes and wrapped herself around him; their bodies twined as one, just as they had been one a few minutes ago.

“We can’t carry on doing this, Hlami,” she complained.

“No ways,” he protested.

She took her handbag and went to toilet to redo her hairstyle. Hlamalani followed and stood behind her.

“What if they tell your wife about us?” she asked staring at his muscular chest in the mirror.

“Why don’t you say ‘what if they tell your husband’?” He replied.

“No one knows him here, but your wife comes here often,” she responded, applying make-up.

Their relationship wasn’t a secret anymore; they were so lovey-dovey, seen holding hands during tea and lunch times. After six weeks in their relationship neither Hlamalani’s wife nor Amukelani’s husband suspected that their spouse might be cheating. It was teatime and they were together.

As usual, their breakfast was eggs and beacon.

“Today I don’t want eggs,” she twisted her lips.

“What you wanna eat?” he looked at her.

At the thought of food she got up and she ran to the toilet. When she came back she looked very weak.

“What’s wrong, Amu?” Hlamalani asked.

“Headache,” she replied.

“You can take the day off, you’ll come tomorrow if you feel better,” said Hlamalani worried.

She went to the doctor before she went home.

“I’m not feeling well,” she told her husband over the phone.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. He was aghast because she looked happy in the morning when she left.

“Headache,” she responded with a low voice.

“I’ll come just now,” he promised.

Her husband arrived and accompanied her to the doctor.

“Headache, and I’m feeling very week,” she explained.

The doctor checked her, took some urine, and moments later said, “Congratulations ma’am, you’re three weeks pregnant.”

She was very shocked, she was shaking like leaf.

“What?” her equally shocked husband asked.

“Yes, she’s pregnant,” confirmed the doctor.

When she fell pregnant her husband was away in Tanzania for three months. He worked for the SANDF (South African National Defense Force).