South Africa, what happened to you? What happened to your everlasting beauty?What happened to your loving heart? What happened to your generosity?

I am filled with despair that things are getting worse. Our country is falling apart and we are doing nothing about this matter. The crime rate is escalating faster than a bullet. Wisdom is vanishing in front of eyes. Our modern generation, or so called youth, is involved in enormous troubles. We shame our parents to a heart attack. I have to admit that animals are way better than our presence on earth, for we are a true definition of disappointment.

South Africa, what happened to your beautiful soul? People are being slaughtered like animals in the streets of Soweto. Young girls are compelled to sell their bodies to strangers in Rustenburg. Nyaope is killing the eager and gifted-minds of our youth in Majakaneng. As a society, why can’t we stand together, reunite ourselves and combat against all those who are feeding our innocent pupils with all sorts of drugs? This is a serious matter and it affects all the areas of growth and prosperity in our country.

South Africa, what happened to your loving heart? Blessers are eradicating the future of our young South African women. Indeed, money is the root of evil. It took away the dignity of our country, the lives of our foreign brothers and it dehumanized our human qualities as individuals. Xenophobia is taking place from time to time; why can’t we see that our foreign brothers are here in search of greener pastures? We are all Africans; let us remove animosity in our souls, for it is the key to a cruel world.

South Africa, what happened to your generosity? Why can’t we see that “corruption” is a massive word? The ancestors of Baba Nelson Mandela won’t rest until we eliminate our corrupted blood. I observed that connections speak louder than qualifications in our modern era. Education is negligible; it is nothing if you are well connected, like Jack Mabaso on Generations. Why can’t we see that our country is falling apart? South Africa, please forgive your people. Allow them to speak their minds and listen to their voice. Together we can turn our country into a better place.


Tell us: Do you think “connections speak louder than qualifications”?