I saw him standing there, tall and handsome. He gave me a pleasant stare, he smiled; I saw his teeth. I swear I lost myself as I went up to his face and saw his bright brown and golden eyes. I dragged myself closer to him, as calm as I could possibly be.

“Hello,” he whispered in my ear, his warm and minty breath on my neck and his strong hands wrapped around my waist.

My blood rushed, warmed up, and my skin was decorated with goosebumps. The mere sound of his voice turned me on.

I looked at him and reciprocated with an equally pleased smile. Out of words, he pulled me closer and asked, “Shall we?”

We got into his car, a black Rolls Royce, driving slowly. I felt myself try to force conversations until he turned on the radio.

“OMG, that’s my favourite song!” I exclaimed, in excitement.

All I got was a breathtaking smile from my lover’s side. We went along playing Pillowtalk on repeat.

Finally we got to his house. We went straight to his room.

“I see he has everything prepared,” I thought to myself.

“What’s on your mind?” he asked.

“I think what you did to this place is beautiful.” I meant it.

Everything was just lovely, from the roses on the floor, the candles that lit up his dark room, and the sexy music in the background to his bed and the walls. He made it rain.

I set myself on the bed and he sat himself next to me.

“You look beautiful, like the day we first met. You still know how to turn me on with your angelic smile,” he said.

Soon after I felt his hands sliding up my thighs, as he carefully laid me on the bed. Kissing my neck, my waist, going down. The breathing became heavy, with each breath heavier than the last. He didn’t stop. He made me home, and I welcomed him in. As he stepped up, his lips locked with mine.

“I love you,” he said, softly.

“I love you too,” I said, with my lips barely open.

“Then marry me.”

I thought he was joking, that he was high from our lovely and pleasurable deeds. As I wandered in my thoughts, he came in harder.

“Then marry me,” he repeated.

I heard myself saying yes and I screamed simultaneously. He stopped, got up and left. He came back in a while. I still tried to analyse what had happened and what it meant.

“My mother’s ring, she told me to put it on the hand of the soul I knew I could call mine at any given time or place. And you’re the place my life begins and you’ll be where it ends, hence I’m giving you this ring. I love you, the same way I did when I first met you. I want to see you at breakfast, at lunch and at supper. I’ve never wanted kids, but you make me want a little me, with your eyes. I swear that would make my life complete.”

I cried, out of joy and out of fear. Joy that my soulmate and I will spend the rest of our lives together. Fear that this might be a dream, a beautiful dream that might never come true.
He put the ring on my finger and it fit perfectly, like it was made just for me.

Why I titled this soulmates? Well, you’ll know if you’ve ever felt love like mine.

Tell us: Do you think soulmates exist?