Books. Within the everyday books we read lies the secret to happiness, the secret behind our
world itself and within a book lies the secrets to a hearts’ daily need, love.

Through reading books, I have read and taken into heart what Shakespeare meant when he
said: “If your feelings for a person change when you see change, you never really loved them.”
I have taken into my austere heart the great words of Henry Wordsworth Longfellow and made
them my daily bread, to see that life is but an empty dream and things are never what they
seem to be.

To see that pain and sadness are just a step away from my happiness and to see that life
holds all that we people can ever dream of, may be that is why I never give up nor cease to cry
when the world goes against me and all I believe in.

These everyday books we read have given me what we call our heroes knowledge, they have given
them the worlds’ wisdom and through these everyday books we read, I always do believe that
boys could turn into men, girls could become mothers and bearers of the leaders of tomorrow.
To look at a book, one has to look past the beautiful covers that give it a deeper meaning, they
Must rather look further into those words and let the journey of a thousand words speak for

Books teach us all that we need to know. They teach us about love, science and technology, and
It is through reading books that we learn the mere, but important definitions of our society and
lives. It is through these books we read we learn that, love is not just love, but a feeling that lacks the
object it seeks. Love is a feeling of desire, need and of simple, but plain peace. Books tell us stories, that need only an interested soul to take to heart. They also teach us, about things we never really thought about and yet some of these books teach us how to excel and never give up.

I have heard of teachers, engineers and writers, but what I also know is that this society of our
literate people had to read to get to where they are and without the knowledge from those
books, they could have never been what they are. A literate man is a role model to an independent society, a poor society and he is the one that people use to point about their dreams and say: “I, too want to be just like him when I grow up.

And that is the best thing about learning and reading books. It empowers and fills others’ hearts and minds with dreams.