Nyileti was a little girl who was from a small town called Mamelodi. She never attended pre-school and always wished she was a privilege child. Her first day at school was amazing and she felt like she was dreaming because she thought that this chance would never come.

There was a granny who would always encourage her, give her motivation on how hard work pays off, prayer, faith and also hope. The grandmother was like an angel that God sent to her. She would buy her school uniform, give her basic needs so that Nyileti stayed focused on her school work to reach her goals.

Nyileti was finally in her matric year and because she was a good listener, all the life teachings that Gogo gave her she listened to and practiced them until she got bigger results in her life.

She finally graduated from university and managed to better her life and her family’s. She then decided to go to a bigger city called Johannesburg to live her dream. Everything went according to plan because she listened to Gogo and never lost faith that even a girl from a tin-house can make it in life, as long as one believes and has a positive spirit to challenge life.


Tell us: Do you think poverty can hold one back from achieving their dreams?