This is a story about myself Oupa Mahlangu AKA Sibonelo. I haven’t received any gifts from anyone from the time I was born and that keeps me wondering what kind of a person I am.

This is a story from inside me. It defines my character, self-love, self-discipline and love.

If there’s something special in you it means that someone has seen something good that has a value. I am a church going person and I like preaching the word of God a lot, giving words of inspiration. One day the pastor asked me “Why do you always like sitting alone and at the same time you like laughing why?” I replied: “Laughing is one of the gifts that I have. It reminds me that I am always so special to someone, somewhere.

Sitting alone is because I am always thinking of finding a way with words, listening to my heart and my fears. Remember I am always empathic, a good listener, even though it’s hard for me to find someone who can listen to me about my sadness. A good listener does not judge, especially judging people with their circumstances. We make mistakes and we end up making wrong decisions at the same time, because we are people, we have feelings and we end up tempted.

“My boy, your mind is powerful. Whatever you’ve said it is so special, it is something that is always given to you within your heart” replied pastor.

Those are one of the spoken words by different individuals that define me as confirmation of my thoughts. After those words what was in my mind was sadness. I cried deep from my heart.

Years and years past, trying to find a good listener for myself, but no one came.

Then I came up with something about me, which is written within my inner being – heart. The question was set, what about my GRATITUDE? My conclusion was that even if this life is so small or not so big I am thankful for it. I choose not to compare myself with anyone anymore because God made us different unique and special.

Inside me there’s this love with pains. But all in all my gratification will be made!

All I wanted was to prove that I can be empathic to everyone, even though no one has ever listened to me, before! Some people may also ask why? Why a good person like Oupa in his current situation didn’t receive a gift – why? The answer is simple. Iit goes with being passionate enough to have a strong belief, regardless of what I have, it can be small or big, but it makes me happy. People talk, some can say people are playing with this innocent guy. No, that’s the path to greatness, that’s something so special within me – inside my heart.