Inspired by the cool, calm, clean, keen ghetto breed.
The blood streams of my hood,
Though their thirst was never quenched, they still breath.
They know how precious and priceless life is,
They don’t steal nor kill, but heal.
They still live life like a celebration day by day.
Some fail to bear the pain of poverty,

Barefoot school walking, starving in the rain with no cover or place to hide,
It’s no surprise their pace and performance decreased in school,
I give no applauds, I’m not proud
I believe they are no fools.
I too, know how hard it is,
To be sent to war with no gun but still expected to come back,
It’s the story of my hood breeds.

How emotional it is?
To know and feel,
that the battle is not hard,
Instead it’s worth it, but you just can’t win
Cause you can’t afford the right weapons to conquer or continue the fight.

They say it’s okay to crumble and fall, but not to give up.
The mind and heart blinded fox cannot see that it’s the way to cope that a lot they smoke.
Besides that, it chokes to smoke, they know it’s wrong and it kills, so they don’t urge it to the seeds waiting to breath, the generation behind them.

About their future, they worry
Though they’re delayed and denied chances it doesn’t change, they are still in a hurry!

It’s not funny that faithfully they live, but still die without reaching their fate, but scary.
I watch them through my rearview,
I’m a deep man, I spot the pain behind the smile.
Silently they cry, but they know no one cares, no one to trust
So, they try, by all means to hide the pain they feel.
Trying to be strong for those who look up to them for the way through.
When storms don’t pass,
When there’s no miracle to put pap on their plates at night nor porridge in the morning.

Feeling the pain too as I watch,
Though there aren’t no shooting star, I make a wish.
I wish in my hood they could be kind and so good
To see it as cool thing not to fool.
The reason to change