“It’s going to be unlike any other rainstorm to precipitate the earth since the biblical days of Noah. Top experts are predicting the death toll to reach the billions. Government officials are urging all citizens to not panic,” said a news reporter as they reported the weather. However, this plea was in vain because humanity was in a state of chaos. Billions of people, rich and poor alike of all races and creeds swarmed to the areas that housed the huge boats.

This project called ‘Noah’ was aimed at constructing as many boats as possible for the high population. Dark clouds had formed in the sky, which had been like that for the past 9 months; no ray of sunshine was ever visible.

Violence, crime, looting, riots and mob attacks were ever on the increase. However, now the winds began blowing; a sign of rain that was about to descend. People stampeded to the area where the boats were kept.

“Mummy! Mummy!” A little girl screamed as she knelt, holding on to her teddy bear in one hand. No-one bothered to help her; selfishly everyone was more interested in saving their own lives.

“Come here,” a man said as he picked her up.

“No! Mr Teddy,” the girl said as her teddy bear fell to the ground.

“Okay here’s Mr Teddy, and what may your name be?” asked the man picking up the teddy bear and walking in the direction of the boats.

“It’s Camilla, please help me find my mummy,” Camilla pleaded.

“Well, I’m Bruise if you wanted to know,” he said. Bruise was a recluse for most of his life; hating the hypocrisy of the world, he instead alienated himself from it. However, he was forced to abandon the safety of his home on that day.

The rain now began to pelt in a torrential downpour; a cloud burst and showered the entire earth. The great flood was upon the threshold.

“Please Bruise, I don’t want to die,” Camilla said as she held onto tightly to her teddy bear and Bruise’s shoulders. Bruise feeling sympathetic held her tight against his chest and broke off in a run to the boats.
When he arrived at the port, he saw that a big crowd had gathered in front of the port gates.

“The boats are full, anyone who goes beyond this point will be shot,” a solider with a huge microphone in his hand said. Desperate to get over the fence, three men climbed the gates and were instantly shot.

Looking for a way to escape the coming flood, Bruise saw an army truck a short distance from the port gates. He headed for the truck and told Camilla to keep quiet. There was a solder standing next to the truck busy smoking a cigarette. Bruise picked up a rock and struck the soldier hard on his head. The solder passed out cold from the blow to his head. Afterwards he searched the soldier’s pockets for the trucks’ keys.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Doctor Stein angrily asked the army captain. The army captain was in charge of the many steel ships that were to carry people to safety. Doctor Stein was a world renowned geologist who was the forerunner in predicting the flood and the creation of the ships.

“Doctor as you clearly can see, we are fully accommodated,” replied the captain.

“Nonsense!” Doctor Stein said in protest as he managed to rally thousands who also believed that many more can be saved. Thousands pressed upon the huge steel doors which eventually were forced open upon the platforms. The captain saw no choice but to agree; mutiny was the last problem he wanted to deal with.


His efforts to remain conspicuous failed as Bruise was pursued by a group of soldiers who despite the torrential rain, still attempted to shoot at him. His prayer was answered when he saw the huge steel door of the ship was open.

“Hey Camilla, look the ship’s doors are open!” He screamed to the child amidst the gun fire. Camilla then held on more tightly to him and her teddy bear. Regret overwhelmed him, his failure in life as recluse made him realise just how much he wished for a family.

Tears trickled from his eyes, as he swore firmly to save Camilla no matter the cost. However, horror struck when he took a turn and came up to a dead end. He saw no other choice but to try and fight the soldiers chasing them. He searched around and found a grenade, slowing down completely he threw it. Having spent hours playing video-games, he knew exactly how to detonate the grenade.

The explosion saw their pursuers in ablaze, jumping out he was forced to now go on foot. Running as he held Camilla he hoped he would make it in time.


“Damn! Another gunshot,” Doctor Stein said, frustrated at the order the soldiers were given; to shoot anyone who attempted to climb the gates or the port fence. Though by now, he demanded that all soldiers drop their guns. Everybody who had been prevented from going forward now had permission to board the ships; Doctor Stein personally wanted to save as many people as he could.

Doctor Stein stood watch as all the people were being led aboard the ships, the expressions of relief and joy on those people’s faces were priceless. When it seemed that everyone was on a boat, he looked around to make certain that they had left no one behind before giving the order for all ship doors to be closed.

“Wait!” Bruise yelled as he ran for the ship Doctor Stein was on. He was tired and the gun wound in his leg was making him slow.

Doctor Stein got off the ship and ran towards Bruise in an attempt to help him to the ship. “Here make sure she’s safe no matter what,” Bruise said handing Camilla over to Doctor Stein when he reached them.

“Yes I will, but what about you?” Doctor Stein asked when Bruise sat himself down on the ground.

“I won’t make it, please go before it’s too late,” Bruise urged him.

“No Bruise please, I need you,” Camilla wailed as she pried herself free of Doctor Stein’s hold on her and hugging bruise with her arms around his neck. “Please I’m begging you Bruise come!” Camilla said crying louder as she buried her face in his chest.

Touching her hair, all his life he had considered himself as worthless and a nobody, Bruise finally felt the meaning for his existence.

“Camilla I love you, please grow up and be a good girl,” he said before Doctor Stein took her into his arms her.

“I’ll even give you Mr Teddy, just walk please,” she begged shoving the teddy bear in his arms before Doctor Stein picked her up.

It was evident that Bruise was in no shape to make it to the ship so, Doctor Stein bid him farewell with a nod of his head and ran back to the ship with Camila in his arms. Camilla’s cries echoed as she stretched out one arm to Bruise. Bruise picked up her teddy bear looking at Camilla now being helped on to the ship.

The rain downpour lasted a day; completely flooding the earth. Everyday Camilla would sit outside the many balconies of the ship and think about Bruise. She couldn’t seem to forget about him. She cried every time she thought about him saving her and the good person that he was.

“Camilla dear come lunch is ready,” her mother said from inside their cabin.

“Okay mum,” she said wiping away the tears from her eyes.


Tell us: Why do you think Bruise chose to save Camilla instead of himself? Would you do the same if you were in his position?