“So, why do you love me?” she asked. I had to think and give the best answer possible. Some women can be are tricky and know best when it comes to trapping a man. I did not want to panic into wrong answers.

The honest way out of this trap was to be true to myself and speak the truth without compromise. I looked her straight and opened my soul. The words and thoughts were just and pure because she had been able to reach deeper in my heart, more than anyone before.

I cleared my throat.

“Angel, there is no specific reason why I love you.” She looked at me with disbelief and total dismay. “Hey, be calm, I’m far from done. What I mean is there is no reason why I love you and all I know is I do.”

If I say I love you for your looks, one day they will fade, and I won’t love you the same. I can’t say I love you for your smile because if you are sad, I won’t love you the way I should. Far be it for me if I love you for your perfect body. Someday if you lose shape, I will lose my interest in you.

I wouldn’t love you for your material things because the love I have far stretches beyond material. It’s real and undiluted. So, to answer your question correctly, I cannot tag a reason on my love. The burning love for you has no conditions or subject to anything within reasoning. That is why I make a promise with you today: as long as the earth still rotates, the way I feel for you today will be the same tomorrow and forever more.


Tell us: Have you ever been asked this question? How did you respond?