A quiet class, all concentrating, catching up on our schoolwork. Filled with enormous gratification, hearing only the sound of sweet harmonious melodies from outside. Peace and joy ruling all over, after the warm hugs we received before class. That’s what I look forward to when walking out is finally legalised.

“Okay class, remember the mnemonic: SOH CAH TOA, sine equals opposite over hypotenuse.” That would cheerfully delight me, finally learning in my classroom, my bedroom is nothing compared to it.

“R20 Kota with extra chips and spice, please.” Lunchtime sounds so mesmerising. The thought of it leaves a salivating sensation in my mouth.

“Learners, please stand in the queue!”

“Ouch! You just stepped on my toe.”

As I think of the chaos while queuing to receive our Kota orders, that’s what I’m definitely not looking forward to.