“So many fireflies tonight Nikola,” said Jane amidst the thousands that fluttered around them. Their relationship was filled with tumultuous challenges and trials. However, they remained loyal to each other; a few others could say the same as them. Their generation was filled with infidelity and unscrupulous affairs were normal in all relationships. The scene was magical as they walked hand-in-hand on the ocean’s shore.

The full moon was mirrored upon the ocean’s surface. As they continued in their walk an imprint of their footsteps marked the trial of where they walked. The sea waves momentarily washed on their feet until receding and continued that process repeatedly.

“Jane, my love for you is endless as the grains of sand on the sea-shore,” said Nikola who was asked by Jane to describe his love for her.

“You sure do love clichés,” mentioned Jane in her ever gentle voice. She never mindlessly uttered what was on her mind in fear that it might hurt Nikola’s sensitive feelings.

“Life shall wait for neither you nor I Jane and when in the future we are in search of lost time, this day determines everything.”

“What do you mean Nikola? I know you like getting philosophical but that’s just too philosophical if you asked me,” said Jane with a somewhat concerned look in her eyes as she stared in Nikola’s face.

‘It’s simple; wouldn’t it be wonderful for you and I when old to be here hand-in-hand. Instead of being old and be bitter and full of regret alone.” Said Nikola to Jane his fear in life was dying alone and full of remorse. He now grabbed Jane’s hand while he knelt upon one knee.

“Jane, I know in our generation it’s not advisable to marry young. However, this choice no doubt will determine my entire life,” mentioned Nikola with tears in his eyes as he displayed a diamond ring to Jane. Speechless was Jane, she covered her mouth with her hand as she cried.

“Of cause I’ll marry you, we’ve been through so much,” said Jane as Nikola hugged her. Though they both were only 23 years old the couple had gone through extreme challenges in life.

“Then we’ll get married right here, a beach wedding how does that sound?”

“I’d love it Nikola.”