At some point in life you realise that no matter how much good you do, not everyone will be pleased. The next possible step is to focus on yourself, and become your own architect and draw that line of ambition in your life.

I was once told that I wouldn’t make it in life, because I think that I am better than others. I have experienced so much hatred from a variety of people around me, because of a strong desire and determination I have to succeed. I used to ask myself if it was a crime to choose a different path, to take the route that is less travelled and escape from the crowd.

“You are so proud,”

“You are way too serious you need to loosen up a little bit,”

“Get a life girl, you are still young.”

“She thinks that the world revolves around her that’s why she always wants to be in the spotlight.”

These were the type of words I received every day. I had no idea that being ambitious, passionate and hungry for success would bring me so much enemies.

The word of God teaches that you love your neighbours as much as you love yourself. That is what I always practise even though I received the opposite of my expectations. Except from Snegugu Khumalo, she was that one friend who would say, “never allow people to discourage you. The fact is that you intimidate them not with only your determination but with your looks as well. They won’t stop talking rather give them more to talk about.” I knew her for a short period of time but her words sparked my enthusiasm and changed for a lifetime.

Making choices has its benefits depending on how you make your choices. As for me, I believe that I made the right choice. I decided to take my life to God and I am so proud of the blessing he bestowed upon my life. Through salvation, he gave me the vision to truly see that he can take what tries to break you so he can build you. Things have changed, I am no longer ashamed of the person I have become.

I had to make my goal, a priority. I have become a civil engineer, qualified to construct my own life. Yes, I have been through a lot, but my experience has made me a stronger person. Like the foundation built on suitable soil, I am now able to carry the load imposed on me. My enthusiasm is bolder than the hatred written on my enemies’ eyes.

The mistreatment I have received pushed me to consider myself as an invited applicant who was supposed to be in possession of becoming a better person. Today I consider myself a suitable candidate, where preference was given to passionate applicants with determination residing within them. Well everyone has their story and mine spiced up with that great ‘aha’ moment, born out of a desire to better my life.

Happy is the word I never knew I would ever use but today I own it. Yes, happiness does matters to me, but going to bed knowing that there are people who look up to me matters the most and it inspires me to keep on going every day.

For those who discredit my accomplishments, I have noticed that my passion and determination is hindering their health. I am also concerned of what my confidence will do to them. I don’t believe they will survive my success, in advance may their souls rest in peace.

The sun does not shine every day, but even if it does not shine today, the reflection of the person I see in the mirror brightens up my day.


Tell us: Are you happy with where you are in life today?