A relationship comes with a lot of sacrifices. It needs time, love and attention in order to survive. You have to be patient with it. Don’t expect everything to work out every time because it has its own anxieties. When you finally decide to get into one, it means you are willing to carry someone else’s problems and troubles on your shoulders. You accept that particular person for who he or she really is.

One thing for sure is that, every day we come across different people, some are more good-looking than our partners. But regardless of that, never try to compare or change your partner to be something that they are not. Be a helping hand in times of need, a shoulder to lean and cry on. You are not just partners in a form of relationship, but each other’s motivators.

Motivate and encourage each other no matter what they go through, or how hard life is. It’s not easy for them to spill the beans. So be there to notice when they are not okay. Encourage each other to stay strong because life is always prepared to throw challenges our way. Promise each other to always be there and don’t say it for the sake of saying it, but mean each and every word.

The moment someone opens up about their pain to you, it means that particular person trusts you with their wounds and scars. Trust you enough to not finish off the piece of hope left in them, but to fill it. All you have to do is remain honest and loyal.


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