I lost count of the abortions that I did, which led me to be barren. My husband wanted kids and I could not even give him, not even one. I did the abortions to please my then boyfriends, not knowing that I was terminating the remaining eggs in my system. We went to different doctors and they would all tell me that my womb was damaged. My husband, Tom, would ask why they were saying damaged instead of barren. But only I knew the real answer to his question.

Tom was very supportive and stood by me when people called me names but he started cheating, bringing different girls home even I was there. I let him be because I thought it was just a phase, he would be normal again. He stopped bringing girls to the house but became distant, did not allow me to touch or cook for him anymore; that was when I knew I had lost the love of my life.

Few months later, he came back home with bags and a young beautiful pregnant lady; he introduced her to me and told me that she was moving in because she was carrying something I could not give him. He was so excited. I saw the beautiful smile that attracted me to him. I was everything he needed but I failed to give him what he needed more. If I could turn back the time to when I was forced to terminate, I would.


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