Rammulotsi is a township located on the northern part of the Free State province of the Republic of South Africa. It was established as a source of labour for the town and industry of viljoenskroon.Today people in Rammulotsi celebrates Rammulotsi day annually on the
19th of April. Rammulotsi day was liken to the infamous Soweto uprising day of the 16th of June 1976.


How the day rose on the day of the Massacre.

Naturally it was a common Thursday, politically it was a day of distress and socially it was a day of everything bad known to the world, which many people are still finding it hard to forgive and forget.

Since the long lasting strikes of the Viljoenskroon senwes of 1986, protest mounted in Rammulotsi and was seen to be the only way to communicate with the government of yesterday. Many service delivery protest were seen during the period of 1985 to 1990. Oliver Tambo the then president of the ANC had uttered statements to the supporters and members of the ANC including the general public of South Africa to join the ANC in rendering the apartheid government ungovernable.

The Peter Botha’s racist national party government was not pleased as already there were unstoppable riots in the country, as such they endorsed their maximum force. During those days Thursday was known as “die donderdag” the whipping day by the Afrikaners that were in control over the African people. That meant that the slightest of mistakes can get you in a hell of trouble on that day, the punishment was always ready. The protest began at the shopping complex on that Thursday and moved on to Mahlabatheng primary school with the intention of discontinuing learning at the school.

By the time of the arrival of police in the area learners were already out of their learning rooms. The police opened fire at once to the singing protesters. Protesters were dispersed the school fence went down as they seek their way out of the chaos. The fired bullets injured many and killed Pitso Belo, Seunkie Ndzeku, Jwale Moholo, Moloeli Tsotsotso and Ndoda Radebe. Police families showed no remorse as they went out to harass the deceased and those who got injured in the shootings.

The massacre was followed by restless nights. They were eager to prove a point and get those who were involved in the protest. Raiding was made by the police that knight. Most of their targets knowing what will happen to them should they be arrested escaped the township to seek refuge in the nearby farms. The political and social aftermath of the massacre followed immediately. The ANC was accused by the PAC for seeking political glory instead of the social glory for the people.

Other members of the community believed that the ANC leadership that planned the day should have listened to the plea of Mandela to disarm and let the ongoing negotiations to take over. The funeral of the deceased was monitored by the police the saddest day went away, and the wishes from the activist were that their soul lives long! Members of the deceased families wished they souls to rest in peace.


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