She was the girl of my dreams and I was the love of her life. It was all rose petals and weird smiles. My love for her was just as easy as breathing with her and our hearts would beat as one. A single look at her reminded me why I fell in love with her…

As dreams change, so did she.

A part of me knew this would happen someday but I swore, I wouldn’t let it come between us because life is change and change is part of life. At first everything seemed like a fairy-tale. I was the prince on a white horse and she was the beautiful princess who would have my heart but now all I want to do is runaway to a forest and drop a tear.

Between me dropping that tear, I thought of our yesterday where I would do anything, be everything for her, where I loved her more than I did before. A part of me hoped yesterday would replace today and today would disappear forever. But it seemed reality was exactly what it was. Blue skies turned to red and my heart broke.

Tears I cried and my room I couldn’t leave. The four walls in my room knew my pain and secrets. They were my shoulder. “Good-bye,” she said, a kiss she didn’t blow and walked away, she did. She told me that the girl I feel in love with she isn’t and that she doesn’t even know if she remembers her face anymore.

She went on by saying that she wants to give my heart a break and that I should move on with someone who will love me like tomorrow is not promised. With her saying that, all I heard was it’s over and the conclusion I drew was, “she hates me”. My world broke down and I hit rock bottom.

It pained me to think I gave her who I was. And how I was ready to die with her in the moment, as long as we had each other because together we ain’t promise enough, for even forever is not what it used to mean. With the pain and heartbreak that I felt, I needed to go to a place where I felt loved, where love was security, a place where love was unconditional. My mother’s arms.

And I said to her, I thought that you said it was easy listening to your heart, I thought you said I would be okay but from where I am, it seems like I am anything but okay. I cried tears, sea deep, and every wipe she applied on my cheeks made it easy for me to let it all out. But still my mother’s arms weren’t enough. I needed closure, I needed to hear her voice, I needed to hear her speak.

So I called her and told her how it’s healing to hear her voice and how I hoped she was doing fine. And if she ever wondered, I was lonely here tonight and how lost I am in this moment.

I told her that if I could have just one wish I would have her by my side and how no one will ever take her place. I told her how this was goodbye from me to her. How this was goodbye forever.

I will always love u. XOXO