She was going to school in Rakgwedi Bokang Secondary and I was home. I had my matric with a bachelor entrance. But since I had not applied and had nowhere to go, I just had to stay home. She was very beautiful. I made it no secret that I had feelings for her. The village was small and everyone knew I loved her.

Even with as much effort as I tried, it was hopeless. Reason being there was another guy in the picture. The guy had too much to offer. He had the looks, the Randellas and the swag. I, on the other hand, had neither the looks, nor the Randellas. All I had was love, so I stood no chance. In the destitute of Ganalaagte I was consumed.

Her friends also convinced her to stick to the other guy. That was because they saw me as a helpless, toothless dog, though the love I had for her was intense. Maybe had I been handsome she would have accepted me. Maybe if I had money she would have tolerated me.

But from nowhere, came the beauty who rescued me from my miseries. When I saw her I knew that here my sorrows would drown. She was vanilla skin-toned with round brown eyes and she was kind. She stood by poor me and I pledged my love to her forever.


Tell us: Do you think it’s more important to have looks and money than love?