Whatever you think in your mind makes you who you are going to become in your future. Whatever you speak about yourself will define the direction you take in life. Whatever you think about yourself, when you look yourself in the mirror, is what the world thinks about you. Again, if you let everything about you be defined by those who are around you, you won’t be the type of the person that you dream to be in life.

I understand that most of us prefer to be great in our lives. Nobody desires to live in regret. Nobody, even your own parents, hopes to live in tears for the rest of their lives. You can even see how hard they work every day to bring food on the table. All of it is done because they do not like having empty stomachs every day.

Your parents are now educated and have acquired their dream jobs because they did not let the world define their future. Your parents were once like you and they had to see themselves as being one of the greatest in the world. They did not look at themselves as losers of this world but winners of this earth.

Here is the thing, if your parents saw themselves as being one of the greatest here on earth, what can stop you from becoming one of the greatest? If you are a student somewhere, what can fail you to finish up your school and become one of the most successful people on earth?

Know that you have the potential to become one of the greatest here on earth. Work hard on your life and have a positive image about yourself. And never let the greatness in you be defined by those who are around you. Because not every face that smiles at you aims for the happiness in you, other people wish you bad luck.


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