The following opinion is of a subjective and biased concept. I sincerely wish to express my deepest desire of what mathematics or rather natural philosophy really is. Man has failed at trying to and answering the simplest concept of what numbers really are? Do we really believe that numbers are to be used for measuring or counting?

All mathematics, up to this point is vain because the negation to truly understand numbers has done nothing but deluded man in his delusional quest for knowledge. Our imperfections will always subject us to error for if mathematics can be viewed from a more philosophical point of view, then would Mathematics be more pleasurable to learn and finally enter an infant phase of progress. For if 2+2= 4 we state a concept we’re clueless about for we neither know the origin of numbers let alone what numbers are.

The impetus progress man has created in the many fields of Mathematics was a complete failure. Until the day comes when the real nature and purpose of what numbers really are is discovered, only then will mathematics be understandable.


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