Everyone has a painful experience. We all go through painful things in life and we handle pain differently. Pain is non-comparable.

How we deal with pain is different. What I went through in life is so much painful to me but it’s not in other people’s eyes. Have you ever been in a situation where you cry yourself to sleep? This pain is like it’s on your pillow. The moment you put your head on that pillow all the pain starts. You can feel the pain during the day but it feels so fresh when you lay your head on that pillow and all the scenarios come back. In the morning you have to drag yourself out of bed like there’s nothing more interesting about waking up.

It’s painful living life having to pretend like everything is fine but deep down you are dying. Have you tried committing suicide? Like God is keeping you alive so you can keep suffering? Like it pleases Him seeing you miserable every day? Sometimes you ask yourself where is God, what have I done to deserve this? So many unanswered questions. Every time you try to do something new, it turns and screws everything even more to a point where you are so scared to do something new.

Pain can change a good person into a very evil person. It can change a person’s attitude. What I hate the most about pain is that it’s not easy for a person experiencing it to talk to people about how they feel. The reason being that people these days are too busy on their phones, or they are too judgemental.

Pain is defined as an injury which seeks medical help. But if the pain is not visible, unexplainable, how do you seek medical help? If talking is the only way to ease this pain and nobody has time, then who do I talk to? My heart is paining. I have endless headaches. Sometimes I wish to go to sleep and never wake up. This is too much to keep up with.


Tell us: How do you handle pain?