Being a woman in a man’s world is not easy.
Being a mother in a man’s world is not easy.
Being a lady in a man’s world is not easy.
Being a girl in a man’s world is not easy.

Having to live up to the standards that are laid down for the women in our country is not easy. The expectations women have to live up to, or rather, the rules that we have to live by is not easy. I do not understand what led men in this world to think that women aren’t equally as good as them. I fail to understand why men look down on successful women in our country. What influenced their minds into thinking that women can’t make it big in a man’s world? What made them think that women can not rule, become Madame presidents or become judges in the high courts?

Why do women have to be victims of abuse in their very own homes? Why do we have to be beaten, be punching bags, be slaughtered like animals and dumped like trash in rivers or in some shady bush somewhere? What did we do to deserve this type of treatment? Even during women’s month, women are still targeted. We are not safe in our own homes, in our own communities, in our own town. Women are being captured everyday, little girls get raped and kidnapped by their own brothers, uncles and fathers.

What happened to the safe South Africa our parents grew up living in? Yes! I know crime was still there even back in the days, but it wasn’t as much as it is today. Young girls weren’t being raped and kidnapped by their loved ones. Growing up nowadays, we get told that the world is a ruthless place, our parents look at us with so much love and smile, saying, “How I wish you could remain a child forever.” Why couldn’t the world just be a better place?

Now, the generation of today can’t even play outside with other children because of the fear of being parted from their family and friends, the fear of going through traumatic events one can never get over. What happened to men protecting their loved ones with all that they had? Has the world been so blinded by being rich that they end up selling their own sisters and daughters for cash?

All I ask for is simple: peace, love and safety. Enough with the killing. War time is over now. The Apartheid era is now over. Enough with gender oppression. Peace, love and happiness is what we need.


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