If you want to know the struggles poor people go through, even if you’ve never experienced them personally, you need to go to places where there is absolute poverty, so you can be able to understand how those people are living.

It’s sad how our president says he knows what poor people are going through when he has never experienced it. You get home, you use a bubble bath and other luxurious things. You don’t care about what is happening in your own country. Many people sleep with empty stomachs; they can’t even afford a healthy lifestyle.

If you took one day to put yourself in those people’s shoes, you’d see how strong they were. You wouldn’t even survive a day. But what about them? They have no choice but to stay in those dirty places.

President of our country, please reach out to your people. All you know is making empty promises, knowing you can’t fulfil them. You make those promises because you want the votes, that’s all. A president takes the title for five years. You might see changes in the first
year but after some time not much changes. That’s just how it is with politicians; all they care about is money. They don’t care about making our country a better place for its citizens.


Tell us: Do you think President Cyril Ramaphosa is doing enough to help the poor in South Africa?