On 9 January 2018 I had an ‘aha’ moment whilst in pain, laying on a hospital bed.

I had no idea if I would ever gain happiness in life again hence I was admitted there. I told myself that I wished to die as soon as I got discharged. “I am going do a terrible thing to myself just to take away the pain I’m going through,” I said out loud.

Fortunately God was just sitting in heaven smiling at me.

At around 3:30am, I received an SMS on my phone, from my baby mama saying:

Congratulations, you have a Son.

I replied: No stop it man!

She said wait for daylight to see a clearer photo. I couldn’t wait to see the sun so I could see my son. In the morning I started receiving pictures. Honestly it was bliss looking at those tiny fingers, that little nose. I just fell in love the first day when I saw his pictures. Even today I can’t stand the happiness when he says Papa Matorokis, that’s when he wants me to play the Matorokis song for him so he can dance for me.

If I could ask for anything in life, it would be nothing more than this feeling. I love my son and I would do everything for him. I want him to be so proud of his dad. When he speaks about his dad he’ll speak without any pauses until people get bored.

I want him to let the world know that true love does exist if you commit yourself. I can’t wait for him to grow wiser so I can advise him about life.

Honestly speaking my life was never the same again. I mean I’m wiser now, I am no longer that guy who wants to impress every girl or women, but I’m focused on making my son the best.

If he can have a chance or a platform I know he’ll rate me as the best dad alive, having him is one thing I will never regret and I am so blessed. I thank God for a such a precious gift of life, someone I’ll live for.

I used to worry a lot in life, I mean life has never been fair for me until 9 January 2018. I had suicidal thoughts mostly, but his birth brought that to an end.

All I want to do is to work hard for him so he can have what I always wanted and more. I don’t want him to know there’s a thing called depression.

But the saddest thing is that in life there are men who disgraced our name. Men are trash, they run away from their responsibilities. Now no man can be trusted.

One thing is for sure, I love my son.

I wish every father could love their kids and face all the circumstances, by doing that it would be making the world a better place for all. Be daddies to the kids you have fathered.


Tell us: What is your advice to your child or future child?