“Love lives here,”

One hot summer day, I’m walking home from class wearing my black pencil dress which is so tight below the knees that I can hardly walk properly. I have a black bandana on my head as well and my hair looks too terrible to walk around with in public. Then along comes a classmate.

“Why do you always have that pen?” he asks.

I sigh and answer, “Because Word is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

He laughs and asks again, “Word? It has a name? Not only do you hallucinate but you’re delusional as well! Jeez!” He walks away.

“He’s so full of himself! Self-centered egotistical nut-job! Hey Word, don’t mind him okay? He’s just a jerk. Only you understand me, and I you.”

I finally arrive home and there’s nobody around. Hopefully they left the key…please…

Found it!

We put our key inside the post box and you obviously can’t take it while everyone’s looking cause wow! So I unlock the kitchen door only to find a pool of dishes! This deteriorates my energy in seconds! I have so much to do, not dishes too! I quickly look at Word and although she doesn’t really talk, I hear her sigh.

Word is a courageous, brave, disobedient and undisciplined pen! It’s as if she controls me and not the other way around. Looking at her, talking to her, spending time with her and using her to write offensive and outrageous words always manages to calm me down and keep me hopeful.

Word is my better half, my sunshine and sunrise. She’s special to me in ways I cannot pen to describe and I truly love her to the core of my being! There’s so much love and mutual understanding between us. Love lives!

Sunday morning I can hear the rush: Going to church, cooking, looking glamorous and of course, the bell. My sister knocks on my door and tells me to come out cause “We’re going to church”.

I open my door and let her know, “I’m not going.”

She looks so pretty in a yellow dress and heels, wish she knew she didn’t have to go to church to pray but hey… I expect her to come back and yell at me for not going, but she actually leaves. Wow! So I go to the kitchen to boil water for tea and come back. I can actually hear myself think!

Everyone’s gone to church. I’m all alone!

“Excuse me Miss?” asks Word.

Oh my word! I forgot Word.

“But you know when I say I’m alone it basically means alone with you, right?” I tell her.

“Oh really now?” she says.

Word is the only friend I have. Or rather, the only TRUE friend I have. Everyone’s just fake and pretentious. Word is special to me because I talk to her about anything and everything. She was actually borrowed and I never gave her back. I borrowed her from a friend during a test. Little did she mean to me then, but now she means the world! Nothing and no one can ever replace her special place in my heart.

I love you Word.