A long time ago there lived a young boy named Tony Blair. This boy grew up with many struggles; his school was far from where he lived and he used to walk bare foot to get to school. Sometimes after coming from school he found that the food wasn’t prepared so he used to cry and go to his room and started praying to the Almighty One that his struggles would end.

With so many struggles, it was hard to survive. Tony had his uncles and although some of them had jobs, they weren’t concerned about him.

After a few months he was selected to attend a boarding secondary school. His parents tried to find fees for him even though they were struggling and eventually sent him to school and there he learnt a lot.

When the time for results came, he was the top of his grade.

It was then time for holiday. His parents tried all they could to find fees once again but couldn’t find anything. They sent him to another secondary school where he continued his education, but he still had the same struggles.

When he finished secondary school, he was selected to go to university, but unfortunately he had no sponsor to help him pay for university.

For some time he has been moving around, trying to do some small jobs like making little bridges in gardens.


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