When I first laid my eyes on her, I was about five years old. She was still trying to find her feet because she was swept off her feet by me. She was this tiny ‘little black box’ with melodious voices that were as soothing as the morning summer breeze. She’d be sitting at her regular spot on of the dressing table, with an PM9 battery for balance. Her voices constantly changed throughout the day, but sounded as bold and informative as possible.

My fascination grew when this ‘little black box’ told stories that had my elders nod in acknowledgement. I then questioned myself; why would my elders be so concerned and obedient to what this ‘little black box’ had to say? I guess those weren’t “nice life problems” as they seemed to me back then. When you come to think of it, I am as attentive.

Technology has reduced my little black box to a little ‘chip’. So this little chip is something special to me in more ways than one. It’s not how she taught me almost everything I know. But how she spoke to me as if I matter. That ‘little black box’ gave me a place to belong.

I am referring to my teen years, way before everything we’ve seen turned into tears. It helped us soldier on and gave us courage to face our fears. Poverty, loneliness, and fear of missing out got me hooked. Oh my something special. The arsenal designed to eradicate inequality, educate the illiterate, and facilitate peace through music. Her songs have done an enormous job for my self-esteem.

It hasn’t hit the ceiling as yet, but at least it’s off the floor. She speaks very fondly of her communities which makes her even more extraordinary. Her voice is priceless it cannot be invoiced. It is as bold as a roaring storm, but not meant to harm. It’s utilized to restore peace in our midst. She educates, and gives stats and facts as they occur. So she’s never blind to the truths and ills of her communities. In her eyes, we’re one.

She teaches selflessly. That’s why she has the power to shape and move mountains. The joy she brings to people through her songs is incredible. It can’t be described in words, but demonstrated in actions. Her glittery double edged words have sharpened and treaded the screws in my head. Since readers become leaders. I kind of understand one of her pillars of longevity. In simple terms she evolves with the times.

How she does it, is a story for another day. For now though, all I can tell you is that; the ‘little black box’ is a friend of mine now. It is official she’s my something special. I like her. Even though according to popular belief too much of a good thing is bad. I always argue that by clarifying the fact that we parish due to lack of knowledge, right. So you can’t blame me for planting my trees by the river side. Meaning wherever you acquire your wisdom from, build a home there. So the FM Stereo (Radio) is my something special.

And it is official.