He left me hoping that I would become the man he was, hoping that I would walk in his path. Am I a sinner to deny my father’s wishes?

I never really lived with my father, but when my mother became ill with cancer I had no choice but to move in with him. I never knew him, but my mother told me that he loved me when I was small.

I moved in with him. He told me that living in his house comes with a new set of rules. I never thought that he was this strict. I expected him to be loving and kind when I showed up, but I didn’t become all emotional because I know how most fathers are.

He said that now that I live with him I must work hard and work on my dreams. He bought me a watch and told me that it resembled his dreams. He wanted to be a mechanical engineer, but he failed due to the struggle and not being able to pay his fees.

After a few months, my father had a car accident and died. I had to move again to my cousin’s. I wasn’t sure about my life anymore. I wanted to make my father proud and become a mechanical engineer, to do what he had failed to accomplish, but I didn’t have the love for it. My mother used to tell me to do what my heart wants, to do something that satisfies me.

I am not sure anymore. I don’t know what decision to make, but I will make my father proud even if he’s dead?