Kelvin sat on his bed tired from school, wondering how he had done in his final exams. Since he was the only one around to care for his family, he thought of how he would provide for them as well as how he will afford his school fees. Kelvin wondered for a while until he dozed off and later slept. As he slept he dreamt of a pretty young girl with beautiful short hair; she was extraordinarily beautiful.

The girl came close towards him and said, “Kelvin, don’t worry, all will be fine, I am your comforter.”

“Who are you?” Kelvin asked her.

“All will be fine, just know that I am your comforter,” she said.

Before Kelvin could ask any further questions, he heard a voice shouting, “Kelvin! Kelvin!” then he woke up.

“Tina, why are you disturbing my sleep?” Kelvin asked.

“It’s mother she isn’t feeling well and she has refused to eat anything,” Tina, Kelvin’s younger sister said.

He quickly rushed to his mother’s room, he touched her forehead; it was so warm. They quickly rushed her to the hospital.

“She has high blood pressure, she needs to be admitted immediately,” the doctor said.

Kelvin sat next to his mother’s bed side wondering who the girl in his dream was, he wondered if she was human or spirit he wondered for a while until it was time to go to school. He told his sister that he had to rush to school quickly and if anything happened she should inform him.

“Thank goodness I’m not late,” Kelvin said, as he arrived at school.

He went to class sat down at his usual spot and solved some mathematics. Suddenly a new girl walked in and to his surprise it was the same girl from his dream. She walked in and sat next to him.

“Hi, I’m Rita,” she said.

“I’m Kelvin,” he said, still in shock.

They both seemed surprised.

“Why do you look so surprised?” Kelvin asked her.

“You always seem to appear in my dreams,” she said.

I told her the same and we all wondered how it was possible. We chatted for a while until Mr Moses came in, “Kelvin, you have a visitor,” he said.

It was Tina she was crying.

“Tina, what’s wrong?” he asked.

Tina kept crying.

“Tina say something,” he asked, beginning to worry.

Tina mustered up the courage and said, “Mom has passed on.”

He sat down shocked and confused while everyone just looked at him without saying anything, then he heard a soft voice from behind say, “Kelvin, don’t worry, all will be fine, have courage I’m here for you.” It was Rita.

He looked at her and she gave me a tight warm hug.

“Thank you Rita, you have given me courage, I see why you are really my comforter,” I said.

We then all got up and rushed to the hospital immediately.


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