We have heard the saying “Never judge a book by its cover”, but we tend to do just that; we fall for what we see on the outside.

Everyone in the world is two faced whether you admit it or not. We all have the side that we want people to see and the side we don’t want them to see. People always go for the girls that are beautiful with sexy bodies and that wear fancy clothes, but they don’t know how they are in inside. People who have it all are the ones who are two faced, they portray a loving and caring image in the face other people so that they can be loved by everyone. But there is always a catch, you cannot have it all, so it’s one’s quest to find the one thing that is missing because it will help you understand a person better trust me I know.

There was once a very beautiful and sexy girl everyone loved, including myself. She was just perfect. Everyone in the streets would stare at her body when she passes by. When she’d pass by, she would be the topic for the hour or a day sometimes. We all fell for what we saw on the outside. Then one day I approached her, well, I am a smooth talker by nature, I expressed my feelings then that was it. She accepted me as her boyfriend and that made me very happy, but I was not ready for the ride of my life.

She is a smooth talker, she was manipulative to be precise, but you wouldn’t tell. She just brainwashes you and turns you against everything you believe in. She started by changing my fashion sense, then she went on to encourage me to start weight lifting. Well, I did it all just to keep her happy, but didn’t realise that I was being changed bit by bit. Every time we met, she always had a great idea on what to change. Then finally she wanted to change my hairstyle.

She was unfortunate, because I was bald, so no hairstyle suits me, except chiskop. I ended up not having any ‘me time’, because everywhere I went she wanted to be there with me. I didn’t appreciate that. But every time I brought that up, she would say, “Why do you want to go alone? That means you are hiding something.” I thought I was loved, but didn’t realise that I was being bullied by someone I love.

That’s what people didn’t know about her. I realised that, love was the one thing that was not there. She was a manipulative control freak and she was judged by her appearance, but I know better. This was an eye opener for me. I learned that, you never go for what you see on the outside, go for the heart because that’s one thing that shows how rotten and twisted one can be or how good they are.