“Hey, mine is better.”

“Haibo, inoba uphambene, isiXhosa is better!” I say proudly displaying my mother tongue.

“Ubuwamaka, Lesotho is better.”

“Okay ke, let’s go ask the other.”

Naledi and I go around the school and find Leigh.

“Hey Leigh, can you settle an argument for us?” She nods indicating that she’s mentally ready.

“Which one is better: Xhosa or Sotho?” I asked.

We waited for her answer. As she opened her mouth, I began to look cocky.

“None of them are!?” Naledi and I opened our mouths as wide as we could in shock.

“Afrikaans is die beste taal!” she said mockingly.

“Are you crazy?” Naledi and I said almost at the exact same time.

Mr Levendall heard us and came and said, “Why are you guys shouting at her?”

We told her about our little argument and she commented, “Why are you fighting?” she said smiling.

“Everyone has their own special language you grew up with and learnt to love over the years. Just try to learn a new one, to learn how special that language is to the other.”