The Zulu King was planted last Wednesday, I began writing this on a piece of paper when he was planted. As an African, I’m still learning about my roots, because roots determine the kind of tree and fruits that will grow.

I have realised the past has a way to ruthlessly influence the present, hence lest we forget.

Chief Thulani Jubane of the Mthwakazi nation in Matebeleland, western Zimbabwe paid his respects to the Zulu Monarch who ruled for 50 years, King Goodwill Zwelithini Ka Bkekizulu.

One may ask, why is a Matebeleland Chief from Western Zimbabwe paying his respects to the Zulu Monarch?

The founder of the Mthwakazi Kingdom, of the Ndebele people in Zimbabwe is King Mzilikazi Wa Mashobane, of the Khumalo people.

He travelled from KwaNongoma region in KZN, to Zimbabwe. King Mzilikazi maternal grandfather, was King Zwide Ka Langa of the Ndwandwe people.

The Ndwandwe people were the original inhabitants of KwaNongoma but they lost the land to King Shaka Ka Senzangakhona. King Shaka, was from the Zulu people which was a small nation.
Two centuries ago, King Shaka built what we now know as the Zulu Kingdom, however King Mzilikazi assisted him in building such an empire. King Mzilikazi Wa Mashobane later defied King Shaka Ka Senzangakhona and left for Zimbabwe, to form what we call Ndebele clan.


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