Jana woke up, she brushed her teeth and went to wake her mother up to make breakfast, but her mother seemed in a hurry. Her mother rushed to the bathroom, took her bath and got dressed.
Just then Jana had an idea she should be her mother for a day. She searched her mother’s closet and found a long dress, that touched her mother’s feet. She then chose a different dress, it was a pretty, black and gold glittering Gucci dress. It was not a long dress, it touched her mother’s knees.
She wore the dress and went to make her breakfast and then decided to put on make-up as well.
“Dear?” her mother exclaimed.
“Why are you saying, ‘dear’ come on, eat your cereal, you’ll be late for school,” Jana said, smiling.
Jana then rushed to get her things for school.
At the bus stop her friend giggled when she saw her in makeup. She sat next to her mother as her friend helped her remove the makeup.


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