There are many of us who have been memorising different things in our lives for us to achieve different things we’d like. For instance, a lot of students in today’s generation tend to memorise what they learn in class for them to pass their examination. You should note that some people go to the library and study’s for about eight to ten hours the day before their final exams.

As for those who are studying science or Mathematical programs in high schools and colleges, they spend most of their time memorising formulas and equations they cannot even manage to solve in their exams.

Others even reach a point of saying that science and mathematical programs are very difficult just because they learn new formulas every day and they have too many things to memorise.

Here is the thing, when you’re used to memorising different things, there is no way you can be successful in life. There is no way you can remember what you have memorised ten years ago and apply it today. There is no way that you can teach your grandchildren the things that you used to memorise when you were in primary school or college.

This is one of the reasons why most of the youth of today’s generation are unsuccessful despite having their degrees, masters and diplomas. This is all because they were just memorising what they had learnt; simply to pass their examinations. They were not studying to understand, but more to pass the subject.

If you’re memorising, whether in high school, college or university, you won’t recall in the next ten years what your teacher or lecturers are teaching you today. You’re not going to see the value of your degree when you keep on reading and memorising for the exams.

What you have to do for you to be successful in your life as a student is to understand the different things that you are learning. Memorising cannot make you successful, but only spoils your life and makes you look like you are doing nothing here on earth.

For those of you doing science courses in college, you have to start understanding what you are learning. You don’t want to experience any difficulties once you actually find a job, as memorisation is a killer disease.


Tell us: What are your views on what the author terms ‘memorisation’?