I believe, I trust, I’m driven and determined to do something about it. I’m determined to do something about what I want to achieve, something I aim to work hard for to make it, something that I’m dying to make come true, but with the version of helping other people.

We all have dreams, even though some of us grew up differently than others. Some people discovered themselves earlier, others later, some haven’t even started discovering themselves yet, which there is nothing wrong with.

Due to a whole lot of things happening in life, life can give you results which are right or sometimes not right. Things can happen your way and sometimes not your way and there is nothing wrong with that. Life can give you what you want and sometimes not, and that is just life. You must pick up the pieces and move on, there is nothing you can do about it.

I’ve had dreams since I was a kid, I’m not bragging. I’m just saying and sharing that I’m honoured to be multi-talented and gifted, but nothing excites me more than helping other people. Just making or having an impact in somebody else’s life, that makes me even happier.

Things tend to not to go so easy, but I’m determined to make it. I took one step at a time, picked up the pieces, drafted a plan and told myself I’d make it, and I never stopped working on it. Things take time. I taught myself how to be patient and that worked out very well. Take things one step at a time I told myself, I’ll make it and I’ll get there. I shall not give up on my dreams, so neither should you.


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