We are living in a world with different viruses, and the worst virus of our day confronting and confining our daily reality is the COVID-19 virus. This has led to a global lockdown and a worldwide global recession of the economy – which has affected people’s jobs, and for most of us we have lost family members who were dear to us.

However, during these tumultuous times, we have seen and heard an uprising of voices of people from all walks of life. Some were voices of anguish, suffering, confusion, disillusionment, fear, complaining, and sadly, these voices come from a place of pain and loss.

And, in contrast, we have been missing voices of hope, voices of direction, leadership and comfort – especially in these tumultuous times whereby the global pandemic has brought to the surface the deep seated sufferings, and inequalities of our world.

With little or no hope sprouting from governments of the world, or from people that the weight of the world depends on. More so, during these COVID times, we have seen diminishing hope in humanity, and an increasing trust deficit between governments of the world, and humanity.

Therefore, a different kind of tune is required, from young people, who believe in their aspirations, hopes and dreams, and a different kind of belief from people who are experiencing the harshest kinds of realities – with poverty escalating, unemployment, cases of abuse towards women, and children with disabilities.

So, the question which rises from the ground, from people of all walks of life is – where are the no-strings attached Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr’s of our day?

That begs the question: will you be that leader, or that young person with vision to be a solution to the problem, because, “Two is better than one.”

Will you be that person with a difference? Someone who will rise to the occasion, and do the little that you can, with the little that you have, and confront the virus of greed, poverty, and unemployment.

And, for you it might be, to be a person who is capable of spreading positivity throughout your world, or choosing to be a candle in someone’s darkness.

“Doing something is better than doing anything at all.”

And as such, we cannot escape the fact we are living in desperate times, and every single day we see there exists a need in our world – a shoulder to cry, and an ear to listen to, and a mouth to be fed, because there are people who do not know where their next meal will come from.

With great unemployment, depression, and anxiety, will you rise up to the occasion? And possibly do the following;

● Revisit that business idea that you have long-held within yourself, which could be the next game changer in our society that creates employment for hundreds of people?

● Volunteer your time and your resources to do charitable deeds which might mean the world to somebody else.

In closing, we can always take courage, in knowing that a powerful person is the one who helps people who can do nothing for them in return. And, that means you can be the next Tata Nelson Mandela, or Dr Martin Luther King who lived with unwavering beliefs and values of helping the person next to you – without expecting anything in return.

This is my challenge to you – dear FunDza readers, and fans – to do something spectacular, and beautiful for your world, without expecting anything in return.


Tell us: What did this article motivate you to do and be?