Family problems are part of the situations that put us teenagers in a depressive state. How can you be happy and live your life like everything is perfectly fine? Family matters are things we live with every day. It pains me a lot when I see family members fighting often.

I do have family members who have turned to strangers. Meeting at the mall and not talking to one another is not OK. Choosing to act like these family matters aren’t effecting you doesn’t help.

I lost my friends to the hands of depression and suicide. Depression, anxiety and many other mental strains took my loved ones away from me.

I never thought that I’d be part of the suicide-attempting squad. My life was a mess, started to be depressed and thought of killing myself — it didn’t work. Being around people or families who don’t value you or respect you is not OK.

Be at a table where you will be discussing beneficiaries. Be at a table of family members who teach you how to overcome obstacles. Nobody’s perfect, and no one will be. Let your family build a strong, confident being within you. I’m happy that I still have a few family members who value me and teach me good values.

Family dramas are not healthy for our mental health. Let us spread love within our families. Let love lead (LLL), let us treat one another with dignity. If you’re surrounded by fake family members who are acting like they care about you, I say distance yourself from them. Love them from a distance! I promise that this is good for your health.


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