Sindi asks herself questions that have no end, questions about love. Her heart has been broken so many times that she’s beginning to think that maybe she’s not meant to love. She’s putting herself under a lot of distress and emotion because her questions are too deep.

“Why did I love him? I am tired of this, every day it’s the same thing. Every time I think that I have found my true love, they all cheat on me. Does love still exist, or is it all a game?”

Sindi is unfortunate when it comes to finding men who could really give her the love she wants. She’s very educated and smart, but she doesn’t know why men don’t ever stay. Now she’s looking for those answers.

In her room, she’s preparing to go to church. She has given herself to the Lord because she’s now tired of going after men who are never satisfied. Men never commit themselves to one woman, it’s either that or they make one excuse after another, she believes. Sindi’s life has changed so much since she’s tried out a petition for herself. She goes to church every Sunday.

Something she’s doing for herself while she also focuses on her job as well.
One day while she is at her choir session at the same church, she feels a hand grabbing her shoulder. She then takes a little sigh to look.

“James! What are you doing here?” she exclaims, surprised.

“I should be asking you the same question you know. But yeah, here I am at the same church as you. What a coincidence you know,” James replied.
“I come to this Ewisile Church every Sunday, but it’s the first time I see you, my friend. Tell me what brings you here?” Sindi asked.

“Well, not much Sindi, I believe I just missed God, you know.” He laughs. “I mustn’t forget that I am a Christian, you know.”

Sindi and James first met in high school because they were in the same class in grade 11. They escalated after matric. James was very serious when it came to his school work. He was smart but was never really that close to Sindi because he was an introvert and was awkward with girls. After 10 years they finally meet again. James loved Sindi, but he never told her because she was very popular. And James was just the quiet school boy who only said a few words in class.

“You know James, after so long I never thought I would see you like ever. The last time we saw each other was in…”
“It’s been 10 years now,” James responds for her.

“Do you remember that you said after school in our last paper you wanted to tell me something? What was it? I am still curious because you said it was crucial,” Sindi enquires.

“Me? I said that? No, it must’ve slipped out. I think we are making too much noise. Can we talk outside Sindi? People are beginning to complain in the back; we are inside a church remember,” James says.

James did say he wanted to talk to Sindi, but he loves her too much that he is even scared to tell her. In Sindi’s case, she has never really hidden this; she has always shown some expressions to him. But he is just too much of a coward to tell her how he feels about her.

Sindi feels that James will never admit and tell her how he feels. And she’s now starting to think he doesn’t love her. After church ends, Sindi goes immediately without notice as James thought she would. But he sees her disappear outside and he runs after her and decides to make up his mind and tell her.

“Sindi, I am sorry, but I love you, I really love you,” James says with fear.
Sindi initially just says nothing then kisses him and says, “Oh James, I had always wanted to hear that from you.”

Sindi and James fall in love, and they stay committed to each other as they now go to church together.


Tell us: Did you ever struggle to tell someone how you felt about them? How did you overcome it?