Really… We sometimes assume things about people because of their appearance or how they look. “Don’t judge the book by its cover” they said: “A person is deeper than the ocean”. She promised to love me, to wipe the scars from my face; she promised me that I’d always smile. She kept on promising and promising and I believed everything because of her actions and sacrifices, not knowing I should not judge the book by its cover. I loved her, gave her all my respect as her lover boy because I was attracted to the beauty of nature, not knowing how to capture it and make it my treasure.

I ended up rejected by my family and made her my first priority. We were like finger and nail until I found out she was my uncle’s side wife as well. She always told me how much I meant to her just to grab my attention. I earned hope and trust and gave her all that she deserved.

She was sweet as honey, addictive as sugar. She knew how to play her game by using me as a tool. Havoc between me and my family was caused by her. She was as seductive as the Devil, deceptive as the serpent to Eve. “Her beauty to me was revealed indeed, tree I would desire to eat until I met the rottenness underneath”.

I wonder how someone so beautiful could do something so painful and ugly. How someone so sweet could be so bitter and sour. So clean and innocent, yet so dirty and guilty of stressing a man apart. She went blunt like James and I am left alone. I am ‘Riding Solo’ like Jason Derulo. I never knew someone so beautiful could do something like this. Her sweet word. Her beauty. Her sacrifice was a rope upon my neck.

Thoughts of living without her are killing me, but being with her led me to an early grave. As Shakespeare said: “Love is not love / Which alters when it alteration finds, / Or bends with the remover to remove…”
It took a heartbreak to wake and educate me. When I had her, I only wanted her and I needed her to complete me. “When I desired the spirit of love, my heart skipped a beat. My heart has that beat to a tone. My heart has that rock like a stone, so when it comes to you I will never leave you alone”.

Now I am lonely, sad and isolated. Time has gone and she is no more, but life is a turning wheel. Nothing is permanent in life, but not once did I expected this to happen. Never in my wildest dreams have I fallen for a girl who wasn’t my princess, nor to someone who is my friend. It must be your sweetness that melted my heart; or your cuteness could be the start, whatever the reason for me to feel this way. All this time I’ve been praying for you to see me as a man. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.