L-O-V-E is just a four letter word but with an exquisite and soul-touching meaning, which brings hope to people and covers multitudes of sins. I still wonder who will reveal the true meaning of love to me, maybe someone I will meet in a high value hotel. Someone with the name of Uminathi or Neo.

Someone who will be my blanket when it’s cold outside. Someone who will be impeccable for me. Someone who will always be right by my side to support and guide me in each and every step. Someone who will chase me and give me hugs and kisses when I’m down.

Just that one person I will be able to share my dreams, goals, sorrows and my happiness with. And that someone should be able to make me happy even when I’m not okay because I will also do the same to him. Someone who will want me all to himself. And he must always remember my worth because he will be a treasure that shines the brightest in my life.

And oh… My not-yet-lover, I know your kisses and hugs don’t belong to me yet but I love you anyway.


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