I would do whatever my older cousin told me. I trusted him. Until one day he called me into his room and asked me to undress.

I was really scared. He closed my mouth and told me not to scream. He did as he pleased with my body. I lay on the bed, shattered and hurt. After he was done he chased me out and told me not to say a word.

I grew up an angry child and moved away with my mom and dad. My family didn’t last long because my parents separated and my mom found herself a new boyfriend who I had to call dad. It was really hard for me because I trusted no man at all. When he hit me I felt anger towards him. I wish I had said something to my mom but I was afraid that she wouldn’t believe me.

I cut my wrists now and then. I cry at times, but it’s nothing new to me anymore.

I’ve been hurt for far too long. I’m on a journey to find myself.


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