The now infamous Golden Jewellery shop was once a budding and popular shop in Miami. It was full of silver, gold and bronze pieces of jewellery. Rubies with diamanté earring, necklaces and rings were neatly arranged in accordance with their precious stone value.

All that was left of the jewellery shop now was rubble after the construction management sent its team to demolish the shop. This was to make room for several flats that would be constructed later on. Two years before the demolition, there were multiple chain stores where the jewellery store once situated.

The store was owned and managed by two Kenyans, Arak and Hassan.

One day, business was booming and there were a lot of customers crowding the shop to buy something for their loved ones. Suddenly, two men wearing black entered the building and headed toward the displayed jewellery.

Both of them had ulterior motives. They each had guns safely tucked away in their trousers. Unaware, people continued shopping, each minding their own business.

Arak and Hassan were busy chatting with one another, oblivious, when a customer in the store saw one of the thieves removing a penknife from his pocket. The customer gave Arak and Hassan a danger signal.

But it was too late as one of the thieves saw him giving the signal and shot him dead on the spot. There was commotion both in and outside the store as birds were frightened and flew away

“Everyone get down on the floor or I’ll shoot!” shouted one of the thieves. The atmosphere was thick with tension and a wave of fear penetrated the air. Everyone got on the floor except Arak. His friend Hassan begged him to submit but he refused.

Arak removed a submachine gun from the drawer and aimed it at the two thieves, but the two were so swift in their movements that they both aimed their guns at Arak, almost simultaneously.

“Oh, so you think you’re tough? Ha? Hand over the gun. Now!” bellowed one of the thieves in his African-American accent.

“You are both African-Americans, right?” asked Arak.

“What is it to you, nigger? We’re here for the money, now handover everything you’ve got!” shouted the first thief.

“And don’t try anything stupid like calling the cops or you’ll end up in Miami morgue!” shouted the second thief.

“Well, I’m armed!” shouted Arak.

The armed thieves gave each other a devilish look and laughed.

This was Arak’s plan, to distract the thieves in order to alert the police. He carefully but cleverly removed his cell phone and dialled 911.

“Hey! Stop whatever you are doing under that table. Hand over the phone,” said the second thief.

Arak refused to hand over the phone. The first thief pulled out his gun and fatally shot a mother and her son.

Arak was so shocked; a look of horror was written all over his face. The hostages lying on the floor were busy mourning, each saying their last prayers. The first thief then aimed his gun at an old couple. He had a devilish grin on his face.

“The old couple looks tired. Maybe I should end their miserable last days on earth. Don’t you think so?” he asked

“Ok! Ok! Here is the cell phone, leave them out of this!” Arak said, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Did you call the cops?” asked the second thief, looking at Arak’s phone.

“No, I didn’t! I didn’t!” cried Arak.

“You better keep your word, kid. If I find out that you’re lying, I’m going to blow up this goddamned store, you hear me?” said the second thief.

“Yes! Yes!” answered a shivering Arak.

“Now hand over all the money you’ve got. You know, the ones with Benjamin’s portrait on it. And hurry up kid, we don’t have all day!” shouted the first thief.

Arak opened the password-locked safe and handed all the money in it to the thieves.

“Don’t you have a bank account, you moron? Is this all you’ve got?” asked the first thief.

“We normally keep all the money in another money safe, at the bank. If you like, you can follow me and I’ll get you all the cash,” said Arak.

“How much?” asked the first thief.

“Ten million dollars sir,” said Arak.

“Are you sure?” asked the first thief.

Hassan looked confused. ‘Money safe, in the bank? But we’ve never had one! What is he up to?’ he thought.

“What do you say, boss? It seems like a good idea…” said the first thief.

“I can’t believe that I’m working with an idiot! Can’t you see, this kid is lying to us! If we accompany him to get the cash, the police will get us and we’ll spend the rest of our lives in prison,” said the second thief.

“You’re lying to us, aren’t you?” asked the first thief.

“No…” said Arak.

“Carlos, confirm if the money is counterfeit. If it is, shoot them all!” said the second thief.

While the second thief was busy confirming whether the money was fake, the first thief was busy scaring the hostages with his gun.

“Confirmed, boss. The money is genuine,” concluded the second thief.

“Alright, get rid of the witnesses. Kill them all!” commanded the first thief.

All the hostages, including Arak and Hassan, were massacred on the spot. The two thieves showed no mercy when they showered them with bullets. Blood plastered the walls.

After the bloody massacre, they each filled their sacks with jewellery and ran away.

But God avenged the innocent souls of the deceased. Right outside the store, the two thieves met their dead end. Two cars both speeding from opposite directions collided head-on, with both the thieves in the middle.

The two were brutally maimed and killed as a result of the accident. The police surrounded the crime scene prohibiting residents from crossing over the red sign.

Two ambulances arrived carrying the corpses from the shop to the Miami morgue, and that was how the jewellery heist turned sour.


Tell us: What would you have done if you were in the same situation as Arak and Hassan?