There once lived a child with a passion for singing, and people always made fun of him for being little. Although he was in Grade 5, he looked like he was in Grade R, but he did not let that stop him from singing. He lived with his grandmother, and he had no parents or siblings. He was also not very fortunate.

One day, the boy’s grandmother had a heart attack, and she was quickly rushed to hospital. When she got there, her grandson stood next to her, singing. A doctor, who’s name was Doctor Shaban, heard him and asked him what his name was.

“Harry Harper,” the boy responded.

Doctor Shaban saw that Harry was struggling, but she wanted to help him and his grandmother, who was also in a struggle. She took Harry to a competition for singing, and they went for an interview. When they got there, Doctor Shaban told the person running the competition that Harry was not rich with money, but his voice is so pure that it was rich.

“A poor person in my show, do you know who I am? I will not tolerated this!” the person responded. When that happened, Harry started singing in a high and pure pitched voice, and the person turned around. “My child, you opened my eyes,” the person said. “You are in the show, so come tomorrow and practice.”

Harry and Doctor Shaban could not believe it, but Doctor Shaban said quietly, “Alghamdullila”.

The following day, after Harry was done practicing, Doctor Shaban gave him a beautiful outfit, and he was so grateful that he gave her a big hug. When they went to the auditions, Harry found a new enemy, Alamo, who was a prejudiced judge.

Before Harry went up to see the judge, he had to come up with a nickname for himself. He then smiled and said, “Little Loner”. But, when he went up the stage, Alamo gave him a strange look. He then told himself that Harry was going to lose, but when he started singing, it was almost like he was hypnotized by his voice. He then gave him a score of 100%, and the other competitors before him had not even gotten a score that high.

“Little Loner has won!” the judge exclaimed, and everyone got up from their seats and cheered for him.

When the competition was over, Harry won a lot of money. After that, he went to see his grandmother at the hospital, and he saw her eyes closed. He then looked at Doctor Shaban, and saw that she was crying. He looked back at his grandmother again, and when he saw that she was giving up hope, he sang hope into her and she soon recovered. When they went home, everyone kept shouting “CONGRATULATION LITTLE LONER!”


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