As l lie down on my death bed, my mind takes me back to when l was born. It ensures me and reminds me of the beauty of life. It tells me that life is easy to understand and hence life is beautiful.

Words cannot express the beauty of life. If you have lived, you will understand when it is said life is beautiful. Technology is something that keeps us in touch with our loved ones no matter where they are. Technology makes life beautiful and easy to conduct.

As many know, life is full of challenges. It is these challenges and obstacles that make life a beautiful thing. There is a maths expression that says if it seems easy then you are doing it wrong. Yes, life is not easy, but it is manageable and controllable. Life is beautiful.

It is beautiful because l live the way l want. Remember, no one is born happy, but everyone is born with the ability to create happiness. To see that life is beautiful, look back and get experience, look forward and see hope, look around and find reality, and finally, look within and find yourself.

It’s a hard life sometimes but a life in which happiness is possible is beautiful and the path to a beautiful life is hope.

Not until you realize that life itself is a beautiful thing, will you really start to live. Although living combines tragedy with splendour, life shows that even tragedies reflect something engaging. It guides our way if we are lost and gives us foothold on our fears.

Our struggles are what define and strengthen us. Survival through these becomes a beautiful life.

Life creates an understanding of beauty with no make-up or any other fake elements that create beauty. Ask yourself this: why do we celebrate when one is born and mourn when one dies? Life is beautiful.


Tell us: What do you think about life?