Life Ain’t Easy But Keep Fighting!

Life is full of ups and downs, we fall but we get back up. We get our hearts broken, but we heal as time goes.

Healing is a process, but one thing about falling is that we learn not to make the very same mistakes again.

We win and sometimes we lose, but don’t give up even if you lose or slip and fall in life. Pain never lasts forever and it makes us strong.

Keep going, I know that you’ll get to the finish line and someday you’ll smile and glow again. You’ll grow and you’ll learn. You’ll fall, but get back up again. You’ll cry, but smile again. You’ll lose, but win again. Bophelo ke ntwa!

I believe that you can do it on your own. You’re strong enough to get through any obstacle that life throws at you! Keep going and never give up!


Tell us: How do you keep fighting for what you want in life?