Nolwandle and Solwandle were high school sweethearts. Nolwandle was currently in Grade 10 and Solwandle in matric. They were in a long distance relationship; one stayed in KZN and the other in the Eastern Cape.

Nolwandle called Solwandle at least twice a week and chatted to him on Whatsapp every day.


Nolwandle texted Solwandle.

Unjan sthandwa senhliziyo yam, how r u my heart’s love? 

Solwandle responded romantically and says that his life was complete with Nolwandle being a part of it. They were madly in love and they hardly noticed the distance between them.

One day in Canal Walk Mall, Cape Town at Mugg & Bean, Nonzwakazi, a girl from Solwandle’s neighbourhood, was having lunch with her friend Nolihlekazi. They were having red velvet cake and strawberry milkshake. She spotted Solwandle and rushed off to him. She always had a crush on him but Solwandle hardly noticed her.

“Hey you, remember my face?” Nonzwakazi whispered in Solwandle’s ear.

“Of course, who can forget such a pretty face,” Solwandle turned with a smile and complemented her.

“Come joins us,” Nonzwakazi invited him.

“Eish I can’t, I’m preparing for my matric trials, that means studying hard to obtain excellent marks,”

Nonzwakazi was disappointed and Solwandle could see.

“I will make it up to you some day,” he said whilst taking his take away, a cheeseburger, and rushed out. Nonzwakazi returned to her friend, Nolihlekazi.

“Damn! Who was that? Looks like Trey Songz,” Nolihlekazi asked.

“Some guy friend,” Nonzwakazi responded with a smile.

“So what’s his name,” Nolihlekazi asked her friend. At that moment Nonzwakazi was shocked that she didn’t even know his name.

Later that day, Nolwandle texted Solwandle.

Baby, are you busy?

But he didn’t respond.

The next day Nonzwakazi was on her way to the supermarket when she came across Solwandle.

“You again,” she smiled.

“Weird enough, I don’t even know your name, but you look like a Minenhle or a Zimkhitha. Right or wrong? Anyways I’m Solwandle,”

“You’re wrong. I’m Nonzwakazi,” she said.

Nonzwakazi and Solwandle spoke over a cup of coffee at Mcdonalds. They got to know one another better, even exchanged numbers. Later that evening, Solwandle switched on his phone and called his sweetheart, Nolwandle.

“Hey my love, I miss you. Sorry about earlier my phone was off,” Solwandle informed her,

“No problem. All the best with your trials tomorrow,” she said and they chatted for a while before they hung up.

It was mid-February and in a couple of days it would be Nolwandle’s birthday. Solwandle wanted to surprise her with something she would love. Nolwandle was a classy girl.

Solwandle was in a book shop to find the perfect book for his future wifey. Nonzwakazi walked in looking for an Oxford Dictionary and she spotted Solwandle metres away from her.

“You love books?” She asked with a smile.

“Nah it’s for my lady,” Solwandle responded.

“Your lady? Your mother?” Nonzwakazi asked.

“No, my girlfriend, Nolwandle she stays in Durban,” Disappointedly Nonzwakazi says,

“Oh she’s a lucky girl,” Nonzwakazi said disappoint. “Look I have to go,” she rushed out of the book shop and Solwandle didn’t even notice that she was sad. Later that evening the love birds were chatting.

Hey you, I have been thinking

Sure, about? Solwandle responds.

Nolwandle tells Solwandle that she wants to spend her birthday in Cape Town.

Oh! Baby that’s perfect. You’ve just made my day. Enkosi! Solwandle responds.
The next morning, Solwandle rushed off to school, along the way he came across Nonzwakazi and they walked together.

“Morning Sol,”

“Hey Nonzwaks,” Solwandle responded and they both laughed.

“Nonzwaks no Sol, hayi we’re dope,” Nzwaki said.

They departed and went to their different schools. In the afternoon they walked home together.

“You girl must be lucky,” Nonzwakazi said as they walked.

“Yeah, she is but I’m the lucky one. Stay here, let me get us French fries. Please hold my phone,” Solwandle responded as he rushed into Mama Rose’s tuck-shop to buy hot chips. Nonzwakazi went through Solwandle’s phone and took Nolwandle’s number. Solwandle rushed back and they walked.

Later that night, Nolihlekazi came over to Nonzwakazi’s house.

“Hey, what’s going on? You said it was urgent,” Nolihlekazi asked.

“Oh yeah, I got Solwandle’s girlfriend’s number. Friend don’t look so clueless, I’m talking about the hottie from Mugg and Bean. I have a plan,” she said smiling.

Nolwandle’s phone rang.

“Hello, Nolwandle speaking,” she answered.

“Hi, you’re speaking to Nokwanda from Edgars Stores in Cape Town. I’m calling about the outstanding amount on Mr Solwandle’s account. Mr Solwandle bought a red dress and lingerie at a cost of R5000. We phoned you ma’am because you’re the only contact for the account if he’s not available.”

Nolwandle was shocked and surprised.

“I will get back to you when I have all the details of what’s going on,” she said.

“Thank ma’am, we appreciate your time. Bye,” the lady from Edgars Stores said.

Nolwandle switched off her phone wondering whether Solwandle was cheating on her but her gut doubted it. Minutes later, she switched her phone on and Solwandle called her.

“Been trying to call you, but went straight to voice mail,” Solwandle said.

“I was busy hey,” Nolwandle responded.

“Okay, I missed your voice. Still coming this weekend?” Solwandle asked.

“I’m not sure,” Nolwandle responded and switched off her phone. Solwandle was now confused and worried.

On the 12th of February Solwandle tried calling Nolwandle but she didn’t respond. Solwandle was panicking. He took his bible and prayed. Nonzwakazi came rushing in at Solwandle’s house and he kicked her out. Solwandle tried calling Nolwandle and luckily she answered.

“So you have been buying expensive ladies lingerie and so on,” she said angrily.

Solwandle was surprised about what she was talking about.

“Baby, what are you on about?”

Nolwandle told Solwandle everything the lady from the Edgars Stores told her and they saw it wasn’t worth fighting for. They kissed and made up. Nolwandle decided to come to Cape Town. Solwandle picked her up from the airport and they checked in at a hotel near the V&A Waterfront.

The next day was Nolwandle’s birthday. She woke up to a bedroom full of chocolates and red roses, and a card written Happy Birthday, I love you.

Later that morning, Nolwandle showered and got dressed in a black lace dress and red stilettos. They left for Canal Walk to watch a movie, Soul Mates. Nonzwakazi was at the mall with her friend when she spotted them.

“Wow, they look good together,” she said sadly. Nolwandle and Solwandle were coming towards them and Nonzwakazi tried to run but it was too late.

“Hello, this is the beautiful, wonderful, amazing, phenomenal lady I have been telling you about, my girlfriend, Nolwandle. And this is Nonzwakazi, my friend,” Solwandle introduced them to one another.

“Hey, you’re beautiful indeed. Pleasure meeting you,” Nonzwakazi said. She had a husky voice that was unforgettable.

“You’re stunning! Wait! Wait! That voice. You phoned me about the Edgars account. Nolwandle said recognising the voice.

Right that moment, things became awkward. Nonzwakazi tried apologizing but it was too late. Solwandle ended his friendship with her. It was 19H30, when Solwandle gave Nolwandle her gift. It was a book titled I Love You, Never Forget That.

“I know you mean it. I know this is not common but, will you marry me?”

Solwandle laughed and excitedly agreed. Ten years later they were happily married with two handsome sons, Lonwabo and Lonwabile. They lived happily ever after.

The End