Nothing is as confusing as life after Matric. Coming from a rich family means your family can take you to any university or college that accepts your application. And if you come from a humble background, the struggle is real. You worry about results, what to eat or wear and who will sponsor you during your tertiary studies.

Sometimes your friends and former classmates are already in tertiary. It’s a difficult stage in life where most people give up on their dreams. Some resort to opening churches without having the calling while others become sex workers so that they can at least earn a living and pay bills at home. Some start abusing drugs and put their lives in danger. And there are those who commit all kinds of crimes and spend most of their lives behind bars.

But there are people who haven’t given up on their dreams despite the financial challenges they’ve faced. They work in saloons and barbershops to raise money for their studies. Next time when you see someone selling food or clothes on the streets, do not laugh at them. They are trying to make a living.

To everyone out there, please never be ashamed of what you do for a living. Some people are only good at mocking others but if you go broke no one will feed you. Keep believing and hustling. Keep the fire burning because your current situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.


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