It was a Sunday afternoon, birds were chirping, tree leaves were swaying from left to right and you could smell the delicious food that was being cooked by the Nkosi family.

“Thando!” her father called.

Thando was a young girl from Tembisa. She was very smart and very beautiful, with her astronomical afro and dark skin that shined like gold. She was currently doing her secondary education at Tshepang high school.

“Yebo Baba,” replied Thando.

“My child, next year you will be doing your grade 10 at a private school,” said Baba Nkosi

“But dad, why a private school? I know it’s all glitz and glamorous but who is going to tell the story of a young girl or boy who went to a public school and matriculated with flying colours who is an astronaut? Who papa?”
She usually speaks to her father with her head bowed down while sitting on the brown mat, but today she spoke like Harriet Tubman.

“We need to tell our stories as children who go to public schools, let’s show people that even if you are from a public school, you still have a brighter future ahead of you.”

Let’s show them!!!


Tell us: Are there enough stories of children who went to a public school succeeding in life? Why or why not?