Anisa and Zodwa were best friends who grew up together. But their lovely friendship ended when Zodwa betrayed Anisa.

Anisa was a beautiful girl: shy, quiet, calm, innocent and very open. Zodwa was also beautiful in her own skin. She was approachable, hyper and bubbly.

These two friends were more like sisters and they were always together wherever they went. Zodwa as the hyper one in their friendship, was known by most people and boys loved her. Anisa was just Anisa and she hated boys.

Zodwa was in a relationship with a guy called Mandla. He was a player and Zodwa knew it, but she continued dating Mandla because she loved him a lot.

Anisa was a nerd in Zodwa’s eyes, because she was single and did not like boys. But all that changed when a handsome boy named Lindo arrived in their neighbourhood.

Lindo was short with a dark skin tone. Although Anisa hated boys, she was blown away when she saw Lindo for the first time. The hatred she had for boys was like something that never existed.
Lindo was also charmed by Anisa and they ended up dating each other.

When Anisa told Zodwa the news, Zodwa became jealous rather than being happy for her friend. Anisa was confused, lost and disappointed at the same time not knowing what to say.

“Why are you like this?” asked Anisa.

Zodwa did not respond. Anisa assumed that, maybe the reason why Zodwa was acting strange was because Zodwa was jealous and thought that Lindo was better than Mandla.

When the sickness ‘jealousy’ overcame Zodwa, she wanted to make a move on Lindo. And she did exactly that. As Anisa was walking to the tuck shop to buy some milk and bread, she saw Zodwa kissing Lindo.

Anisa jammed, she couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing. The next day, Anisa confronted Zodwa about what she saw the previous night but she denied everything. Anisa was left with no choice but to end her friendship with Zodwa.

What do you think? Have you been jealous of a friend and done something bad as a result?