Language is the bedrock, upon which we can come to a comprehensible, yet illusive grasp of magic and psychedelic trips. In as much as there is a heightened sensation of mystery and awe, enveloping both magic and the trips, it is in language that both faculties are conjured into existence, as nuances across the period of alphabets and vowels, in the mechanistic tool – from which human behavior, thinking patterns, and other subtle complex shades of habit, can be accounted for, through name, form and structure.

Visiting a place such as any typical tropical rainforest, having no idea of the physical make-up of the environment, due to the restricting and limiting internal dictionary, which affords one to only see a lackluster gradation of all that is green, until at least when a botanist is made available… the taxonomy of the plants is known – the basis upon which to differentiate the plants by family or genus, from the variety of stems to the flower structure.

It is only by then, when such is known, that by virtue the internal dictionary is inevitably allowed to have a linguistic horn into a place that once shrewdly withheld its information and secrets, and that the place becomes alive as an experience and as an entire species piercing into your eyes, seductively making you fall to its whims. Such is with magic, learning and knowing the effect of a spell before casting it, and in experiencing a bad or good trip, which solely rests upon the interaction of the drug and the environment of one’s psyche.

Furthermore in terms of the world of magic, language is pronounced a tool, when it only exists in the nexus between reality and the fictitious, whereupon the latter is truer, when for example, the idea of a yet-to-be-seen car gallivants only as that which has yet to take shape or form in reality, as it hovers in the personal address of the mind, only as a concept, and only when such becomes a manifestation, mostly by physical form, that it livens like a corpse coming to exuberance under electroshock treatment- with the difference being that the corpse becomes once more inanimate after the treatment, whereas with the idea, once it rubs off on the hands of men, it becomes as real as you and me – such is the cast of a spell.

When language morphs the type of thing that is to be ushered into existence, be it a filthy curse to leave one in tatters or a string of words, whose reverence is in shielding a loved one from peril.

Upon entering the alluring world of psychedelics- things tend to take a skewed turn, a cunning metaphor imposed upon reality and at times at the inexplicable. Language is not anymore a local phenomenon; but something alien, esoteric and revealing of the environment of the psyche of the individual. Psychedelics are renowned for conjuring altered states of consciousness, upon which an ego dissolution is experienced during a trip; being that, the thin, illustrious veil of existence of the boundaries between the self and the environment consequentially eats away, creating a connection with everything.

With the psychedelics increasing the semantic pathways; the manner in which words arrange themselves in relation to each other is affected, furthermore broadening creativity and to a degree emancipating what lays suppressed in the subconscious. Some psychedelics’ potency introduces an intense experience that one finds themselves locked into a trans-dimensional travel; at face-value truly is bullshit, but more so it is to do with the relation of myth and reality, which in the abrupt use of the substances urges the mapping of language to the supernatural- maybe more so a religious experience.

Language being an arbitrary structured system of vocal sounds, sometimes written, but very useful in the dialogue of men. It necessitates magic and psychedelics to creatively use the art of symbolism to clench a hold around and of the space-time milieu, allowing the conjurer of a spell or the psychedelics user to describe their inner experiences and myths with a relative clarity to a reality that we already know, and more so allowing the audience and the victim to also reside in the warmth of the mystery and awe- be it that they suffer from the actions of the perpetrators, or not.

The last voice of reason of course, is for you as a reader to decide, whether to have a psychedelic experience, become a magician and be rendered a lunatic, or take comfort in knowing that language is a formidable tool; which primarily is useful in the description of the universe and concealing of thought. Or more interestingly so, dismiss the entire piece as rubbish wrapped around beautiful words, which would be a fitting end to a piece written by a person who is not an expert, neither in language, magic or psychedelics.


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